Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three Ponds and A Fountain

This morning, I couldn't help feel the temperature was perfect for bringing in new fish to my ponds. I guess fish thrive at water temps colder than 19C. The three ponds I started many years ago for my collection of fish, from the tri-color carp, to the friendly little guppies that children love, the elegant Chinese goldfish with their big tails and bulbous head.

I have counted every year that my farm is devastated by storms and I am convinced the only way these fish can survive is to have an aquarium ready after the summer to keep them from washing out when ponds overflow during the rainy season.

I did not include a pump this year, and removed the filter. I intend to keep the water clear and moving with a new system where electricity is not used, and I found that changing my ponds from a rectangular shape to a round one to help produce a natural current from the movement of the fish. The air around the pond will manage to get into the water provided that the fish swim in circles. I would like the pond to be self sufficient, and the only way to do that, is to place plants throughout.

This is my current project to put in dwarf papyrus, water lilies before replenishing the ponds with fish. The main pond will be for tilapia and carp, and the two smaller ones for goldfishes and guppies. The birds are already excited to have a free meal on me, and I will be placing a screen over the ponds to keep my guppies safe.