Sunday, December 20, 2009


The other day, I decided to make a visit to the area where I noticed homes sprouting up like mushrooms in just the last 14 months. I was shocked to find that this subdivision towards the Southeast area of my farm is bulldozing a new road and phase of development that would like the tiny, barrio road to their huge new residential project. Not only is there like 400 hectares being developed, two new schools, one Montessori, and an entire University, high school, grade school is going up around my organic farm.

I drove into the subvidion and reaching the point where I could see my farm clearly in the hill next to the housing project, I notice that if I wanted privacy and the shelter of the last forest in the area, I would have to buy my neighbors empty lots that are overgrown, thank goodness with bamboo thickets, wild grasses, some large trees, and dozens of coconut palms.

The total cost of buying at least 4 hectares would be about $1Million. This would guarantee that from the creek that borders my land and the subdivision, there would be a natural barrier where I can swiftly plant hardwood, and fruit trees including coconuts. The animal habitat in this area depends on a thick forested area for nesting sites for birds especially threatened by the enroaching subdivisions. The only fresh water source is the Biluso creek and that empties into a river which traverses downwards towards the estuaries near Manila Bay. Subdivisons will surely dump sewage into this creek that cannot take tons of debris or it will overflow an insidious snarl of garbage, chemicals, silt and other pollutants into the river.

This is a very startling reality, and I have no funds. If anyone wants to help, or donate even $1.00 then I will just have to trust God. Please send comments, and suggestions to and for any donations, I will send an official receipt, and keep donors posted on this endeavor.