Saturday, May 8, 2010

MAY 2010, A little rain gives my plants a boost!

Today, I woke to the scent of my jasmine bush all blooming after three days of rain that broke the dry spell of the El Nino climate on the Philippines.

This jasmine bush, "Brunfelsia paneaflora" or its common name  "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" that describes the phenomenonal change in colors of the  flowers that bloom white the first day, then turns purple the 2nd day, and yellow the 3rd day. This plant  has few leaves at this time but the flowers are profusely spread out all over the bush. 

I call this the "Rain Puff Ball Lilly" that is dormant all year round. The bulbs break through the dry, parched earth right before the rainy season begins. The hurricane season usually starts in late May and ends in early November in the Philippines. You can observe the little shoots coming through the ground.

 Dendrobiums are starting to flower as the air cools off after the rain.