Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chemical Free Weed Killer

All herbicides that are sprayed, or are mixed with water then sprinkled on lawns, golf course turf, or other large areas will pollute the air, water and soil. Garden stores sell all kinds of nasty chemicals that are guaranteed to get rid of weeks, and pests. These bottles of poison will probably be mixed and sprayed on plants, then the remainder of what is inside those bottles will sit in the garage for the next few years.

Herbicides have been the element that humans and animals take in accidentally by breathing in air around golf courses, parks, subdivision home lawns. The worst exposure comes from herbicides that are sprayed over large tracts of land using airplanes. Herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed in the air, or mixed with water and then sprinkled overhead are the causes of a host of diseases including cancer in people and their pets. Glyphosphate is the active ingredient in most herbicides. It is an enzyme inhibitor, which chokes off the enzyme that plants require in order to grow, killing the weed and only one of many questionable chemicals in pesticides marketed for lawn and garden care.

Glyphosphate related incidents are one of the highest reported of all accidental poisoning cases reported to doctors. Patients who have ingested, or been exposed to this chemical are often rushed to the emergency room for treatment.

Pesticides are the one toxic substance that can be bought over the counter in almost all the garden stores for use by ordinary people in their homes or gardens. According to the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns of 30 top products, more than 50% of these are linked to cancer, a third are linked to birth defects, 70% related to reproductive effects, 80% with liver or kidney damage, 50% with neurotoxicity, and 31% with disruption of the endocrine (hormonal) system.

There is a better way! This completely free and non-toxic alternative is very effective and can be repeated as needed, without fear of toxic exposure.

Biodiversity is necessary in the garden. It’s healthy to have arachnids, earthworms, insects and live viruses in it since they aid in balancing the environment of the garden. Utilizing chemical-based pesticides place these creatures at menace of being damaged.If you are anxious on the pests, think on this. About 90 percent of the pests in garden aid in plant’s growth and are actually harmless. That’s why it is actually better to utilize organic pesticides with the plants. Using man-made or synthetic pesticides might carry threat to the soil, people, and plant alike.

The instant effect might not be understandable but believe it - these pesticides might cause danger to wildlife. Think about this; the pesticide could not recognize the precise organism to involve so either comes in contact by it in the plot might either gets ill or die because of the toxic content.Selecting synthetic pesticides on organic pesticides could also damage the top soil. There are these chemicals that could carry obnoxious effects on the plants like restraining their growth or exterminating them. Others might effect to growth sprays that could damage the quality and savor of the item for consumption.

The good thing on these pesticides is you could essentially make them at the home with the leftover components. You could in fact save since you do not have to use much for it, presently be ingenious making used the ingredients that you include:

1. Fill a teakettle with water, bring it to a boil, and simply pour the boiling water on each of the offending weeds. By the next day you will have a very dead, brown little weed that is easily pulled from the crack with just a little tug.

2. Blend 2 tbsp. dish washing liquid, 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp bleach to treat mildew or fungus growing on special plants like orchid leaves.

3. Spray a mix of 1 entire bulb of garlic mixed with 2 pints of water. This removes whatever pests on your vegetables or plants.

4. Get Tide or Breeze, detergents. Put enough water bottle and shake. Spray on plants.

5. Take about 30 pcs miniature hot chillies and mash. Use little water and spray on insects harming your plants.

6. Spray vegetable oil to rid your plants of pests.

One thing to remember, wash all vegetables and edible plants in a soak of water and vinegar to disinfect, and to rid the edible plants of dirt, grime, harmful germs.