Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rice Fields

I was traveling around my province of Cavite and it was still drizzling. Uncommon during this time when we are about to get into our tropical summer season. I stopped to admire farmers harvesting rice, and ready to plant a new crop while the rains still were coming in very regularly.

There is that song I learned in grade school, that keeps playing in my head when I am near a rice goes something like " Planting rice is never fun, bend from one to setting sun "

Anyway....these muddy fields were side by fields with tiny rice stalks already planted

The tiny rice plants are actually monocots...or grasses that bear the staple starch food of Asians..

And then the harvested rice stalks are all cut and passed through the grainary to produce at least a few sacks of rice.....

What a beautiful an Amorsolo painting...the rice fields with the spire of a Church in the background and the tropical sky above!