Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Harvest 2013

I know it has been years since I came to blog something about my farm. I was devastated about being infested with pythons. The town where my farm is located has suddenly become the center of urban development. Everywhere it seems are these new projects for subdivisions and shopping malls.

The town of Silang is not yet a city, but the population is growing by the thousands of rich people settling in swank subdivisions. The poor are following, by squatting    on the roadside and around creeks and rivers.  The people are  streaming in from squatter areas of  Metro Manila being relocated in low cost housing built in the saltbeds of Tanza, and Cavite City.  Industrial districts  have opened up new factory sites on what was once sugar cane fields. Local farmers are giving up trying to plant vegetables on smaller plots that render their income as negligible considering they had access to more lands that were cheaper to rent.  Silang is bordered by Tagaytay City in Cavite, and Santa Rosa, Laguna, and Metro-Manila.

Silang was this quiet town, with coffee plantations, coconut lands, orchards, forests, and  grazing cows The .area was a good area to buy fresh produce.   The 300 hectare Riviera Golf and Country Club was already the first development whereby it was necessary to  cut down one of the oldest standing virgin forests in Silang, Cavite and replaced it with a subdivision and golf courses.

  We no longer can draw water up from our wells, even at the depth of 300 feet...there is no water!This area is considered the watershed with abundant under ground rivers that supply my farm with fresh, sweet water. Water is now being syphoned by the millions of gallons to provide tap water to subdivision homes.

In my small little farm, I practice organic farming methods. I grow vegetables from non-GMO seeds. I have culinary herbs and spice trees growing abundantly. Recently I had my summer harvest of tomatoes, spinach, pole beans, string beans,   alugbati, okra, cucumber, sweet corn,  eggplant, peppers.  We also harvested rambutan, and  sweet santol off my trees.