Sunday, December 28, 2008


New Year's Resolutions "stuff out"! After watching this video, and watching it every time I falter...I shall definately keep all my "stuff" together, stop buying "stuff" ( it started with Christmas...I try my best to give people what they want, but hoping they want organic produce,natural items, but due to the economic crunch, I merely said prayers to God for everyone I care about, family, friends, our employes, this nation, the U.S.A.).... I am trying to make a very important decision too...and hopefully I can accomplish it this coming year! I personally believe in the power of ONE....if I can be the consumer that needs to stop shopping, and quit eating packaged goods, or buying a new I-pod, or watching useless television programs with tons of commercials that only feeds me with the greed of the eyes for things I really should not have in the first place...and then it would be ONE PERSON WHO WON'T BE BUYING MORE STUFF!! This is one of the most important videos that will help remind me in the New Year that we all have ENUFF STUFF.....