Thursday, December 25, 2008

Save Birds, Eat Chicken Damnit!

Tikling birds, or Barred Rail are now seen coming into my garden at night.I can't imagine why catching wild birds and eating them is necessary to be a gourmet. Two birds were caught in my garden and eaten by our carpenter who found them easy prey since a lot of birds frolick around my ponds and fountains where I leave clean water for them to bath and drink. My garden attracts all kinds of birds that are thriving in what I call an "oasis" in this city of overcrowded apartment houses and condominium. Birds come over due to the big trees, often full of fruit , and because I avoid using pesticides and other artificial chemicals. Yet, my garden is full of birds that help themselves eating worms, and insects they find on the ground. I don't believe what I am being told that these are not endangered and eating them is a gourmet's treat, where one can savor a meal of wild birds as a local "delicacy". chicken, just kill them quickly less they feel pain, but catching wild birds that wander into my garden is like eating a visitor that arrives in a country as a tourist.

My people tell me to try and taste just a bite of local birds stewed in garlic , vinegar and coconut oil,and I think I will have a vegetable salad with cheese and salmon instead. Sorry, I am corny....but now I don't know if the birds will be back, I certainly am going out today to buy fish again and fix up my fountains.