Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Flash

I visited my farm yesterday, and fell asleep almost when I got in. The air was so fresh, the oxygen in the air totally relaxed me to the point I recovered many months of insomnia during a three hour nap. Waking up, I heard my favorite kingfisher screeching, and went out right away to see what he was up to.

My kingfisher lives in the coconut tree next to my bedroom. He senses I am there, because my farm hands tell me the bird never performs antics when I am not around. Again, I see him perched on the bar beside the stables. He jumps up and down, flashing his aqua colored feathers at me, then flies high into the air, does a spin before diving and catching something in the grass. He returns to his perch beside the horse stalls, and starts beating up a worm or grasshopper against the metal, then gulps it down. When his appetite is satiated, he sits and wanders around the farm, going up to have a view of the entire farm from the water tank tower.

His flashing me the iridescent colors of his feathers is a sign of his dominance over the farm as his territory, but I interpret it as his way of saying he is happy I am there to see him!

I feel the animals on the farm seem to want me to know they are around, appreciating the flowers I plant, or the fruit trees, and citrus bushes that give them plenty to eat like caterpillars and other bugs that flock to my flower bed.

The weather was cool, about 71*F, or about 21*C thereabouts..I estimate the temperature is pleasant enough, like someone turned on the airconditioner outside my garden.

Ahhhh...such a wonderful day watching "The Flash."