Saturday, July 22, 2017

A New Life For Rex

Today I went to pick up a dog that was recommended for rescue by a friend, Penny who saved an 8 month old puppy dog from the local dog-meat market. She was moving house, and she already has 2 big dogs, and 2 small ones. She was looking for a good home for this dog. She told me that she met this man in her neighborhood. His name was Eloy, and he had several dogs in a small cage, offering them for sale to her or to anyone who would want to adopt these strays he picked up all over town. Only a few people would get these street dogs called "askals" or "Aso'ng Kalye", which when translated into English means "Street-Dog". These street dogs, are usually a hodge-podge of several breeds that after several generations, of mixed breeds makes their original breed features unrecognizable. If these dogs don't get sold as pets to the people in town, this man Eloy will take them to the local dog meat market. Penny then posted the photo of the dog on Face Book, and that is where I saw it for first time.

I responded right away. The dog looked like it was starving. Penny did recognize the dog's features to resemble a Belgian Malanois. She posted that this dog was a one particular dog to be a Belgian Malanois juvenile. The dog was saved, but kept in a cage, for he displayed his teeth, snarled and snapped at anything that was going to touch him. All he wanted was food, lots and lots of food. Penny fed the dog, but noticed during feeding, he would literally snap at the hand that feeds it!

Penny explained that after one week of feeding and talking to him, the dog finally allowed Penny to touch him. I arrived, and saw the dog, and I understood that he would not like me at first, but I wasn't prepared for his fierce nature. I was bringing with me treats, a collar, leash, some puppy toys, and some dog food, a new food bowl, a towel, but all these things did not matter to him. The dog was only interested in eating. He had become savage, wild, totally untrusting of humans.

This is what an 8 month ( more or less) Belgian Malamois looked like--skin and bones...

I saw the dog and immediately my heart was breaking. I knew this dog had been living on its wits, with very little food and clean water. I agreed to take the dog and bring it to my veterenarian to have it tested for parasites, diseases, and to have an overall check up before I would bring it home. I sat in front of the dog's cage, and spent almost two hours tossing it treats, and giving him some chicken heads that Penny already had cooked for him. Rexy was very distrustful of anyone but Penny. What love can do right?

I brought the dog to my vet for 3 days and 2 nights for observation, tests and vaccines. Here are more photos of this rescued dog who I named Rex. He has put on weight, learned to fetch, started eating a proper diet, and had shots, and treatment for heartworms. Generous people helped me pay for his vet fees, and after a month, Rex transformed into a friendly, lovely pet.

He was eventually adopted by the Veterinarian and his family.