Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day of Sunshine in the Monsoon Season, June 20, 2009

I set out to find good opportunities to photograph the flora and fauna of my Silang farm during the few available sunny days during the rainy season. Sunshine quickly turned from a pleasant break from the monsoon season to humid heat.

Betty came over with her two handsome doggies, and provided an added attraction to my photo journal.

Betty's dog Spot is aware his photo is being taken. Just look at Spot face the camera and flash his doggie profile, while the other dog disappears into the flower bed, and helps himself to a zinnia salad!

Betty hangs her sagumay on my kamuning bush. She attributes the condition of her very thin sangumay to pollution in the city, where it was originally posted on a dry fern on her home perimeter wall. She felt her sagumay will be happier in the country.

A lovely butterfly caught my eye. This little butterfly was literally dancing around Betty and I when we came in from our photo shoot. I tried chasing this butterfly that must have been high on flower nectar and it was an impossible task to set up the camera in time to get it to reveal the bright lemon yellow and white colors as it flexed its wings. I decided to wait beside my purple duranta, a favorite food for nectar feeders. I know the butterfly cannot resist stopping by the purple duranta for a sweet drink. The little butterfly did perch and calmly was feeding, but she refused to open up her wings, and then as soon as I was ready, she was off again!

I didn't catch a photo of the yellow and white butterfly but this huge black bumble bee was a persistent feeder, and kept hovering during this morning's photo shoot!

The attractions of the day, are the Purple Thunbegia,

a very pretty, and rare Lavender Hibiscus,

Giant Fuchsia Hibiscus,

a common bromeliad

and tiny white portulaca.

Well, the rest of the day was spent pulling weeds, planting the bulbs of pink amaryllis and a kamias tree sapling that Betty brought as a donation to my farm.

Till next week again, ALOHA and thanks for visiting my blog and seeing what's blooming in my garden.