Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monsoon Season, June 2009

I've been looking forward to the coolness of the rainy season. Now I must focus on harvesting the corn as the last few stalks and the remaining vegetables that are holding on reach maturity. The vegetable roots will eventually disintegrate due to intense flooding. Now it is time to say goodbye to the profuse colors of summer and welcome a few flowers that enjoy the coming of the monsoon.

I know from past seasons that this is the time for discovering new forms of mushrooms and attracting slugs that can be fed to my ducks, but it's not the best weather for a walk, nor is it fun to be bitten by throngs of mosquitoes either.

Everything will become very noisy then totally quiet before the storm.That's the exiting thing about living in the province when the weather turns the grounds to mud.

If ever there are breaks in the rainy season, and pockets of sunshine, I look forward to the sound of geckos announce to the precise number of hours when the next torrent will arrive. The call of the gecko is a mating invitation to any female that happens to hear the males booming " tuck-oo tuck-oo".

He beckons her to come quickly during his announcement of the future rains that will combine his and her DNA into a frothy mix that will result in the fertilization of the female eggs.

These salamanders will appreciate the puddles of fresh rainwater, along with the multitude of frogs who happen to wait for this every year. Sadly, there are fewer and fewer green frogs, and more toads that feed off practically anything, but most especially the offspring of fellow amphibians. I do not mourn for the cockroaches, flies, or beetles that end up as a toadies meal.

These cane toads have taken over the world. Nothing escapes its massive maw and sticky tongue, and almost nothing will eat it, except the soft shell turtle, and land tortoise that also goes after baby ducklings.

I will turn over the soil at the vegetable garden, where earthworms will be encouraged to process any manure or compost material for the next planting season.

I am very attracted to the blossoms of the lavender gumamela or hibiscus that are just beginning to flower. This is the favorite time when the personally "queen" of my garden, the Rosal, or gardenias make their appearance. My objective this year is to divert compost materials and new soil to encourage the gigantic incense plants to increase their stems and produce their heady perfume.

My white garden will be lovely once the "Witches Notes" are in bloom, and of course with their fellow "mystica" sprouting due to the intense rain, my garden will have an ethereal ambiance under the overcast of heavy dark clouds. Time to read books, and watch DVD's indoors!

Mystica flowers are also called "Spider Flowers".

More photos to follow for this edition of MONSOON, JUNE 2009.