Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Blooms During The Monsoon Season?

Journal Blog Entry: June 7, 2009

This lovely catleya bloomed the night before I arrived at my farm in Silang. This is a clear sign that temperatures have dropped, and the rainy season is beginning.

Once the torrential rains fall, plants take on all shades of green. A few thrive in the heavy downpour that often last for days. Certain plants start blooming profusely and are swamped by bees, and other pollinators ravenously searching for nectar that quickly washes away in the rain.

The allum that line the center pathway, have burst into tiny white tulip-shaped flowers.

This is the season for harvesting Kalamanci, Langka, Guyabano, and Buko. These are all "green" fruits,and blending in with the rest of the foliage, these "green fruits" are less likely to attract insects that prefer the more colorful fruit.

My eyes are drawn to the shades of tangerine, salmon pink, and bright red orange that break up the monotony of the green landscape. The flowers of the Ixora, Dona Imelda bush, and African daisy plants are a source of cheer when overcasts block out the sunshine during the rainy season.

There are a lot of beautiful tropical plants that stand out in the garden, and one of these are the Dona Imelda Flowers.

I can count on the African Daisies to bloom all year round.

My favorite fragrant flowers at this time of the year are the pure white flowers of the local "Rosal" or "Gardenia" .

"Grand Duke" and "Incense Spathypyllum", give off the sweetest scent during warmer nights.

This very large spathyphyllum loves almost complete shade and thrive when gray clouds obstruct the sun, during most of the rainy season.

Even during the rainy season, my garden is full of wonderful things. I look forward to my santol harvest at the height of the monsoon season sometime August where my husband and I sit underneath the tree, and like hungry monkeys we indulge to our heart's content!

Till next week! God bless my farm!